Peddicord Quarter Horses

Onsite Facilities

Peddicord Quarter Horses is situated south of Odessa, MO, on 80 acres.

Stalls and Arenas:

Heated stalls are located within the Peddicord Quarter Horses farm. All horses are monitored several times a day as needed.

Additional outdoor arenas allow horses to be moved outside during the day.

Semen Collection:

A breeding dummy is located onsite with both stallions, allowing for quick response to shipment requests. Overnight and same day delivery is available.

Offsite Facilities

Dr. Peddicord also owns and operates the Odessa Animal Clinic, in Odessa, MO, which offers full care to both large and small animals.

Stalls are located at Odessa Animal Clinic and are capable of bedding a horse overnight for closer observation.

The added flexibility of owning an animal hospital allows Dr. Peddicord to provide the best care for all horses kept at Peddicord Quarter Horses.

Veterinarian Owned

and Operated

Peddicord Quarter Horses is owned and operated by Dr. Jim Peddicord, DVM.

As a practicing veterinarian, he is able to attentively care for all horses staying at his farm. He personally performs all examinations, including ultrasounds.